About Us

Here at CarDaddy which is located in Northern Michigan, we are all about providing the consumer with the best online buying and selling experience possible. After 15 years in the making, CarDaddy is aiming to build a community where friends, family and your local dealership can buy, sell, and trade. We want to put you in the driver's seat of purchasing your next vehicle, and most importantly have fun, I mean this should be an exciting time for you whether you are looking to buy something new or sell your vehicle and make a little cash. Either way you have found the right place to do business. We take a lot of pride in making sure you have a safe experience, we do not sell your information nor do we tolerate scams. We wish you luck in your experience, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Meet The Team

John Beebe - CEO

Mr. Beebe has been in the automotive industry for over 10+ years, Buying and Selling Used Cars, mainly classic and antique cars. As the new owner of Cardaddy I will strive to bring quality leads to all our dealers and private sellers. I have been marketing vehicles online for many years and know how to get it done. Cardaddy has a bright future ahead with bringing buyers and sellers together. Jump on Board Today by calling one of our sales reps. Also we want to thank George Christman of Upstate New York for creating Cardaddy. George was the mastermind behind creating Cardaddy and will continue to work for Cardaddy behind the scenes in the IT Department.

George Christman - CTO

George got started in the online automotive space back in 2004 with an earlier project known as CarsUnder10k.com. After a few years with CarsUnder10k.com, George eventually went on to create CarDaddy.com in 2008. CarDaddy.com experienced moderate success before changing the business model in 2014 to accept all motorized vehicles. George loves to write and develop software, but when he's not working on CarDaddy, George loves music, cars, building, and most of all his family.